Queensland Rail timetable Petition – Nundah/Toombul commuters

The confirmed 2017 timetable released by Queensland Rail this week fails to address the concerns of local residents who access Nundah and Toombul stations.


The new timetable that took effect on the Caboolture line with the introduction of the Moreton Bay Rail Link last year resulted in reduced services to Nundah and Toombul stations, bordering my electorate.


Residents have consistently raised with me their frustration at watching express services bypass these busy stations during peak times, often remarking that the trains themselves are only half full.


I have been consistently lobbying Queensland Rail over the past twelve months to address this issue and reduce the number of express services now bypassing my local community at Nundah and Toombul.


While I acknowledge the benefits of the new Redcliffe Rail Line, I am extremely disappointed and frustrated that Queensland Rail have not taken the concerns of my local community into account when drafting this new timetable.


I will be writing to all residents who have contacted me, and indeed to all my Nundah constituents to encourage them to sign my petition to have Queensland Rail address this issue.


Residents can sign the petition at: www.leannelinard.com.au or visit my electorate office at the corner of Toombul and Melton Roads, Northgate. The petition will be open until the 28th February 2017.


I will always advocate strongly on behalf of my community.

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  • Frustrated Commuter

    Another debarkle at toombul today

  • Beth Lowry

    I am now not able to catch a train direct from Virginia to Nundah where I work. What used to take me 5 minutes on the train now involves changing trains and waiting for them to arrive at Northgate. A short trip has now turned into a long one, What a nuisance that is,

  • Mark

    Why is it I have to change trains to go from Virginia to Toombul when these stations are on the same line? I thought it was “PUBLIC” transport.

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